Made from Jordan

A biomaterial made out of local agricultural waste.


The Challenge

During my time at Twelve Degrees and due to Jordan being a resource poor country and importer of materials and ideas, we asked ourselves the following speculative question:

If the industrial revolution started in the Arab world, what would our current everyday products be as a result?

The Outcome

A biodegradable material made of local agricultural waste that has similar qualities to wood but can be recast like a thermoplastic.

We also designed the showcase piece to be inspired by traditional Arabic seating furniture with a contemporary twist.

After exploring every local material available, we discovered that every year, over 140,000 tonnes of a uniquely local agricultural waste that is unsustainably disposed of every year.

We created a dynamic furniture piece inspired by the “majles” - a cultural space where families sit around and socialize.

Made from Jordan took months of material exploration, research and prototyping to create.