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UpSkill is your lifelong career development companion. It suggests the best learning directions, whether it's an online MOOC, an internship or a two-year masters programme based on the career objectives you set yourself. Want that next promotion? Take this online management course! Want to change careers? Try this internship!

It is no secret that the education system needs changing. We're entering an era of increased job automation, easy access to educational content and a generation that is looking for more valuable life experiences.

Currently, 55% of undergraduates don't feel their degrees are good value for money (Student Money Survey 2016).

We designed UpSkill to usher in a new way to learn. We believe that the student of tomorrow is a lifelong learner that is constantly evolving their skills and knowledge to empower themselves to lead the lives they want.

UpSkill evolves with you, understanding you through a machine learning algorithm that curates the best suggestions tailored to your objectives. It encourages you to not stagnate and pushes you to achieve your educational and career goals while simultaneoulsy suggesting new careers you may not have considered or that could lead you to better opportunities.


In collaboration with: Ben Wiley, Becks Simpson

Role: Ideating, Research, Front-End, System Design

Year: 2016