Dinner, Served Presently

In an increasingly technologised world, how can we get people to go offline and reconnect with each other?

This was a student group project that aimed to introduce us to an experimental, fail fast approach to design.

It all began with the following brief:

"How can you become more telepresent in the context of leisure?"

This got us thinking; if the future is becoming more and more about telepresence, does telepresence in such a world then mean the actual opposite, which is to be present in reality (i.e just presence)? (Confused? So were we.)

We experimented with a bunch of sensorial interventions to get people to feel more mindful of their presence such as heightening their sense of smell, enhancing sounds in their environment and even manipulating everyday objects they used. But this proved futile until...

42% of 18-29 year olds in serious relationships say their partner has been distracted by their mobile phone while they spend time together. 

Illustrations by Ivy Liang

How many times have you seen a couple together at dinner, on their phones and just wanted to slap them?! [Disclaimer: I do not condone real violence - only the imaginary kind]

Driven by this context, we designed an experience made up of a set of dining tools that requires a couple's full concentration and
collaboration. Dinner will be served presently.


In collaboration with: Andrew Slack, Ivy Liang and Nathan Chang

Year: 2015