Brenda of Khayelitsha



This is Brenda.

Brenda runs soup kitchens, teaches children on the weekends, stopped gang violence in her neighbourhood (legit!) and organised a beauty pageant for her community - the South African township of Khayelitsha. She also owns a dreadlocks hair salon.

By co-designing with Brenda, we realised that all the salons in the area looked and felt the same and were hard to differentiate so we rebranded her salon to really bring Brenda's character and values out, then took small steps for her to expand the business and kick more ass in the future!


After the rebrand, Brenda mentioned that she would like to expand her business beyond the container. With her help, we came to the conclusion that a pop-up shop at her local mall was the next best step. We also realised there was a rising demand for housecalls and thought:

How can we help township hairdressers
    take their business on the go?


Wanting to inspire a more lasting impact, we designed a hairdressing apron that doubles up as a bag so that Brenda and through her influence, the township hairdressers, can make their businesses more flexible in order to generate more income.


In collaboration with: Ahreum Jung, Marie Tricaud and Pratik Ghosh

Year: 2016